Our Politicians and Our Choices

Tricky discussion, yes!! But I promise to be gentle….

Our elected officials should reflect the DNA of where their election took place. We the people who reside in these areas have been privileged with the responsibility of dictating what that DNA will embody.

As constituents we must acknowledge that our needs and beliefs may not coincide with our neighbors, family members, co-workers and others within our community, so it’s imperative that we’re respectful to the process when choosing who fits our agenda. Chances are many others are viewing the candidates just as you are, your concerns are their concerns. This is how that DNA becomes stronger.

The idea of holding “Caucus” in choosing politicians to govern is brilliant. The only con is that it’s not done in all states. Everyday people and political influencers would attend these gatherings and speak on factual information regarding candidates. Views would be expressed and exchanged. In essence they are holding council to determine what each candidate may bring or take from the table. It’s puzzling why all or many other states don’t conduct caucuses, especially in areas that have “lifetime” senators and congressmen holding office. Some of our elected officials have a preference as to who should benefit from their political endeavors. It’s been part of a play book for years now. Some of them are bought and packaged. They would not survive in a climate that conducts a “caucus” process for elections on any level because it would ensure that their time would be limited based on their success in fulfilling their “promise package”.

For those areas that see continual growth, you may have political jewels in office, but for most that’s not the case. And if it is not, then I would suggest you create environments in your city or state and conduct caucus “like” scenarios for the betterment of your community. Doing nothing promotes the ills to fester, and compromises the growth of a community.

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