Creating Your Own Struggle……

Most of us have done things or put ourselves in positions to where we’ve created our own struggle.

It’s easy to do…..all it takes is one bad decision to start you on the path, unless you anticipated the probability of your decision ending with a negative outcome and prepared to immediately address it to minimize its effect, like some of us may attempt to do.

We don’t do that because we’re a part of a special group and we have all the answers.  We’re only able to do that because we’re anal and it’s a part of our OCD package.

I said all of that to ask, how often have you sit back and watched your friends, family, or loved one(s) create a struggle for themselves, then watch everything play out as if you wrote the script yourself?  Do you remind them of your previous advice, attempt to help them thru it, or let them “go it alone” and hope they learn the lesson attached?

Please engage your thoughts on this subject……

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