Creating Your Own Struggle……

Most of us have done things or put ourselves in positions to where we’ve created our own struggle.

It’s easy to do…..all it takes is one bad decision to start you on the path, unless you anticipated the probability of your decision ending with a negative outcome and prepared to immediately address it to minimize its effect, like some of us may attempt to do.

We don’t do that because we’re a part of a special group and we have all the answers.  We’re only able to do that because we’re anal and it’s a part of our OCD package.

I said all of that to ask, how often have you sit back and watched your friends, family, or loved one(s) create a struggle for themselves, then watch everything play out as if you wrote the script yourself?  Do you remind them of your previous advice, attempt to help them thru it, or let them “go it alone” and hope they learn the lesson attached?

Please engage your thoughts on this subject……

Turning The Big 50…….

Turning 50 had to be a turning point.  Kids were grown with their own kids.  Life was ok, but it could have been a lot better.  There was a struggle within myself to put “me” first.  I won that fight but it came with a price.

I was waiting for change when I should have been creating it for myself……

Two years later, my ambition, thoughts, and desires are blowing my mind.  I’ll meet with companionship, respect, love and stability soon enough, but right now I intend to build a stronger me.  I finally know what I need for me, and I feel damn good about that!!!

So, for those who are in need of a turning point, my first few words of encouragement must be to never be afraid to be alone.  It’s never too late to improve upon your circumstances.  Make things happen for yourself.  By enhancing your qualities you’re more prone to attract a like minded person. We all deserve that mate that compliments our mind, body and soul.  So take your time in getting yourself together.  You’ll either know what you have when it’s staring you in the face, or you’ll know what you don’t have.  Never settle, but by all means stay true to yourself.  Love freely with no conditions and be open to new experiences.  For it will be the new experiences that will enable you to make THE REST OF YOUR LIFE THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE.